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    ATG e-Power EV Charging Solutions
  • On-grid All in One Full House Solution

    Our EV Chargers solutions provide a convenient and sustainable way for drivers to power up their electric vehicles.

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    On-grid All in One Full House Solution
  • Off-grid Mobile Station

    Our EV Chargers solutions provide a convenient and sustainable way for drivers to power up their electric vehicles.

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    Off-grid Mobile Station
Charging Solutions

EV Charger Solutions

Intelligent, flexible charging
solutions to meet all your needs.

Smart Home Charger

Smart Home Charger

Easy Efficient & Smart

Charge Faster

Charge your EV faster smart, cleaner

Energy saving solutions on-the-go

ATG e-Power for Everyone

Meeting the Needs of Future Applications, Including Government & Utilities, Workplace, Fleets,
Education, Public Transport, and the list goes on! Are you part of the EV revolution? join us!

Business & Commercia11

Business & Commercial

Attract customers by hosting fast charging stations on your property.


Government & Utilities

Partner with ATG e-Power to design a charging
solution that works for your organization.



Provide convenient and cost effective service
that works for your home.

How to Charge

How To Charge Plug In

Plug in

Connect to your charging port.

How To Charge Tap Start

Tap to Start Your Charge

By ATG e-Power app, FRID, or credit card.

How To Charge And Go

Charge Up & Go

Your next destination awaits

ATG EV iConnect App

Manage charging and monitor status

Plan and schedule charging

View real-time charger availability

Real time charging statistics

Manage multiple chargers

Support remote firmware upgrade

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Ev X Connect App

Commercial EV X EV Charging Ecosystem

ATG e-Power EV Management System Portal for EC Charger owners.

Our vehicle charging solutions, powered by the ATG e-Power EV Management System Portal, provide a convenient and sustainable way for drivers to power up their electric vehicles.

The ATG e-Power portal is an all-in-one solution for managing EV chargers, running your EV charging business, and setting up customized customer charging solutions.

With Load Balancing, Self-Healing, and Smart Queue features, our charging solutions turbocharge your organization, allowing owners to attract users and seamlessly manage usage, pricing, and transactions on behalf of their customers.

Ev Charging Ecosystem

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