How to Charge

1 Plug in

Depending on the vehicle model, you can open the charge port cover via the touchscreen or by pushing on the cover. Remove charging station connector form dock and insert into the car’s charge port. For a seamless experience, download the ATG e-Power app and enroll your account.

Plug In
Tap To Start

2 Tap to Start Your Charge

To start your charge, tap the ATG e-Power app screen. You can also use an RFID card at the charger. Once the charger is activated, your screen will show that the charger is in use. The touchscreen will inform you of charge percentage and estimated time remaining. To optimize battery performance, your car will charge to 90%.

3 Charge Up & Go

Return to the charger to stop your session on the ATG e-Power app. Don’t try to disconnect the cable until you’ve stopped your session. You’ll receive a mobile alert if your session ends while you’re away from your car. To disconnect your EV, push the button on the connector to release it and replace the cable in its holster.

Charge Up & Go

Driver FAQ

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please call ATG e-Power Charging Crew at 951-245-6222 or email

To learn more about enrolling in Home EV Connect APP or Commercial EV Connect APP, visit our page xx/XX.
Yes! Please follow our charging operation manual for car charging.
If you cannot activate a charge with your card or the app, try disconnecting and reconnecting the connector. Stop your charge when your battery is 80% full. Try to avoid letting your battery get too close to empty. Preserve range by using your EV’s regenerative braking.
Your EV always controls the speed of charging. Most EVs slow the charge rate as the battery approaches a full charge to protect the battery. The point at which your EV will begin to slow the charge rate depends on the specific EV. Above 80%, it may be a better use of time to use a Level 2 charging station to finish charging your EV.