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Storage solutions for every need

The e-Power Energy Storage solution is suitable for various industrial and commercial applications.Highly suitable for all kinds of outdoor applications such as EV charging stations, industrial parks, commercial areas, housing communities, micro- grids, solar farms, and more.

Together with this scheme , users can take advantage of peak shaving, demand management, power expansion, and more to improve energy efficiency.

Segment Employees


Multiple configuration schemes for selection, customizable grid connected and off grid modes for seamless switching.

Set Different Prices


The service life of the whole unit far exceeds 15 years. The fault rate of the whole unit is less than 0.05%. The fault rate of key parts is less than 0.03%.

Charge Points


Constant temperature control of battery pack, with liquid cooling and liquid heating. Battery with high energy density and high cycle life.

Smart Queue


Multiple support, different charging modes scenarios. Optional photovoltaic mode Flexible layout, integrated design and small floor area.

Reserve Charge Points


Double insulated safety design IP54 for the whole unit and IP67 for core components, with waterproof, dust-proof and high protection characteristics.

Rcd Dc


Noise <55 dB, suitable for indoor environment Low electromagnetic radiation, civil electromagnetic compatibility level Three-level and four-fold battery protection mechanism
ensure safety Independent firefighting system, which supports fire emergency stop and emergency stop of local system.

Build an energy ecosystem

Energy Ecosystem

Application Scenarios

Business & Commercial

Centralized Scene

including Power Grid, Car Fleet, Car Park, EV Charging Station

Government & Utilities

Decentralized Scene

including Residential, Gas Station, Real Estate, Restaurant, Car Showroom, Retailer

Residentiasl Ev Charging

Short Term

including Entertainment, Exhibition, Event, City Activities

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