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Tailored solutions for your business that are easy
and reliable for you and your customers.

The perfect EV charging solution to manage charging for commercial application scene is with ATG e- Power EV. Our commercial charging station and it’s latest features offers you a smooth and safe EV charging experience.

Apart from hardware, our software support makes our products easy-to-use. Explore our range of chargers to find the right fit of EV charger for you.

Management Portal

Management Portal

The Admin Dashboard tells you everything you need to
know about your chargers, in real-time. Track usage and
revenue to inform upgrade decisions.

Smart Charging
with mobile application

Help drivers find available stations and start charging. View real-time charger availability. Monitor your charging session. View session summary. Adapt charging processes to personal requirements. Reserve an ATG e-Power. charger. Contact the ATG e- Power Charging Crew.

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Ev X Connect App

High charging efficiency,
powerful performance

Adjustable capacity from 16A to 40A 240V40A high current, Level 2 charging technology



Our Home EV Charger will let you plug in, charge and manage your schedule even when you can’t connect to the internet.



Our Home EV Charger intelligently connects the device through Wifi or Bluetooth wirelessly to realize remote control and monitor your charger.


Convenient and
Smart Charging

Anytime, anywhere users can customize scheduled charging and can view the charging speed charging time and real-time speed in real time.

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