Energy Storage System

1. Modular & integrated design for easy installation
2. High power hybrid inverter system, DC and AC Coupling
3. Friendly compatible with new install or existing PV system
4. Built-in BMS
5. LiFePO4 battery 6000 cycles at 80%
6. Integrated RSD (Rapid Shut Down) & AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters)
7. Smart management with Mobil app and web browser, OTA firmware upgrade
8. 10 Years Standard Warranty

Spec Sheets


This ATG All-In-One Energy Storage solution is designed to minimize your carbon footprint while providing a seamless user experience. Additionally, the ATG All-In-One Energy Storage offers backup capability and customizable system sizes for both new and retrofit solar customers. With these intelligent, user-friendly, and secure energy storage solutions, you can store and manage energy efficiently while enjoying sustainable and green energy all day long.

The ATG All-In-One Energy Storage system comes with a high reliability AC/DC hybrid inverter that has a 10-year warranty and can be paralleled with up to 6 systems. Thanks to its passive cooling and LiFePO4 batteries, the system offers high efficiency up to 98.5% and supports backup mode. The system is intelligent and offers smart management with APP & Web, remote software and firmware upgrade, TOU optimization, real-time monitoring, and comprehensive visualization. It also features a bi-directional energy storage system that is compatible with new or existing PV systems and offers seamless On/Off grid by the internal relay system. Safety features include LiFePO4 chemistry for maximum safety and longevity, ETL certification for inverter, batteries, and entire system, UL9540, UL9540A, and integrated RSD & AFCI.